Chinese Astrology

Everything around us has a fundamental energy and can be categorised accordingly. The “five elements” of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water represent all that is in our environment. The Chinese symbols shown below represent each of these elements and the nature of that particular element.

Yang Wood

Yang Fire

Yang Earth

Yang Metal

Yang Water

Yin Wood

Yin Fire

Yin Earth

Yin Metal

Yin Water

(Yang Water)

(Yin Earth)

(Yang Wood)

(Yin Wood)

(Yang Earth)

(Yin Fire

(Yang Fire)

(Yin Earth)

(Yang Metal)

(Yin Metal)

(Yang Earth)

(Yin Water)

The Chinese believe our destiny can be known according to our ‘Four Pillars Chart’. This chart is based on the time and place of our birth and is made up of the elemental influences present at that point in time. This is also the case in Western Astrology, which does in fact have many distinctive parallels to Chinese astrology.

Using the “Four Pillars Chart” and it’s interpretations, we can apply this information to our lives to maximise our good fortune in Health, Wealth and Happiness. When times are more challenging, it may be used to make wiser decisions instead of taking unnecessary risks.

Would you like to know?

Why you choose your partners and the types of people you like to surround yourself with?
What types of health issues may arise for you and how to avoid or minimise their impact?
The best places for you to live to enable optimum health and harmony? – e.g. beach, country, desert or city.

These pertinent questions and so much more can be answered through Chinese Astrology.